Wedding Glossary and Words Associated With Weddings

Wedding terminology can be mind-boggling. If you’re new to planning, you’ll likely hear hundreds of strange words that have to do with weddings. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – scroll down to browse our A to Z.

This should save you from feeling like you should be looking up a dictionary the next time you are listening to a vendor rattling through a lot of unfamiliar wedding language and lingo!

We worked very hard to create this wedding glossary and we believe we’ve covered the majority of the most common wedding terms and buzzwords. There might still be a slang word or two that does not appear in our lexicon of wedding related words.

If there is a word or phrase relating to weddings that you cannot find, please reach out and contact us. We’d be happy to add new words associated with weddings to our (a through to z) vocabulary of marriage terminology.

A-Z Glossary of Wedding Words, Lingo, and Phrases