7 Steps To Book More Wedding Video Clients

How to book more wedding video clients

Being a part of the wedding industry, especially as a wedding videographer, can be a fantastic experience. With the wedding industry being as big as it is, wedding videographers need to excel at figuring how to get more wedding video clients. They need to make themselves stand out as the best possible option for any …

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So You Want To Be a Full-Time Wedding Videographer?

One of the most challenging decisions any budding videographer can make is deciding how, when, and whether or not they should try to make a full-time living from filming weddings. Assuming you have a passion for wedding videography and you really want to learn how to become a wedding videographer, the next thing to decide …

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How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Earn? (Realistically)

How much do wedding videographers make a year?

When a camera operator or a novice enthusiast is considering a career as a wedding videographer, one of the first things that will cross their mind is, can they actually make a living from it? I know this because I’ve been there and asked myself the same question when I was starting out as a …

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