How to Find Out Her Engagement Ring Size With Her Knowing

How often have you been in a situation where you needed to know your partner’s ring size but didn’t want to ask them directly?

It can be tricky to get the information without them knowing, but it is possible. 

In this blog post, we will discuss several methods you can use to find your partner’s ring size without them knowing.

Let’s get started.

Use One of Their Other Rings to Estimate Size

How to Find Out Your Girlfriend's Ring Size Secretly

When it comes to finding out her engagement ring size without her knowing, there are a few different options available to you.

One popular method is to use one of her other rings as a guide. 

Take one of the rings she wears on the ring finger of her left hand and use a tape measure or ruler to determine the circumference.

Once you have the circumference, you can use an online ring size chart to convert that measurement into a specific ring size.

Another option is to trace the outline of her ring onto a piece of paper.

Once you have the outline, you can use a ruler or calculator to figure out the circumference and, ultimately, the ring size.

This method is often more accurate than using one of her other rings as a guide.

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly sneaky, you could always try and get hold of one of her existing rings when she’s not wearing it and take it to a jeweler to be sized.

This is the most foolproof way to find out her exact engagement ring size, but it requires a bit of deception.

Using String, Paper, and a Ruler to Determine Ring Size

  • Cut a piece of stiff string or a piece of paper and tie it around the bottom of your partner’s left finger.
  • With a pen, indicate the location where the string’s end and other ends meet.
  • Laying the string flat will allow you to determine the mark’s millimeter-long length.
  • Compare the measurement to an online ring size chart to get a reference for the best ring size.

Get Family or Friends to Help You

Even though you believe you know your partner well, it may be challenging to determine what ring size will fit them the best.

If you want to find out her engagement ring size without her knowing, the best way to do so is to enlist the help of family or friends.

Perhaps there is a friend who can casually mention what ring size she wears or a family member who can borrow one of her rings to get an accurate measurement.

Have One of Her Close Friends Inquire

If you’re hoping to find out your girlfriend’s engagement ring size without her knowing, you can have one of her close friends inquire about it.

This way, you can get an accurate measurement without tipping her off that you’re planning to propose. 

To pull this off, you’ll need to choose a friend you know you can trust to keep the secret.

Once you’ve selected someone, ask them to casually bring up the topic of engagement rings with your girlfriend. 

They can ask her about her preferences or even try to gauge her opinion on your own ring choice.

If they’re able to do so without arousing suspicion, they should be able to get a good idea of her ring size. 

Once you have the information you need, you can move forward with confidence in knowing that your proposal will be perfect.

Size Her Finger While She Sleeps

If you’re feeling particularly bold, you could try and size her finger while she’s asleep. This may sound like something out of a movie, but it can be quite effective.

To do this, wait until she’s asleep and then carefully slip a ring onto her finger.

Once the ring is in place, you can use a marker to trace its outline onto a piece of paper. 

Once you have the outline, you can use a ruler or calculator to figure out the circumference and, ultimately, the ring size. Just be sure not to wake her up in the process.

Try a Larger Size and Resize It Later

How to Know the Perfect Engagement Ring Size for your girlfriend without here knowing

If you’re struggling to find her engagement ring size, you could always try a larger one and resize it later.

This may not be the ideal solution, but it’s better than picking a size randomly and hoping for the best. 

To do this, choose a ring you know she’ll love and then take it to a jeweler to be sized down.

This way, you can be sure that the ring will fit her perfectly once it’s been resized.

Go With an Average Size Ring

Engagement rings are a significant purchase, and it is important to ensure that the ring is the correct size.

Many people don’t know their partner’s ring size, and trying to measure their finger surreptitiously can be difficult. 

A good way to get an accurate measurement is to go with an average size ring.

The average ring size for women is between five and 7, so you could always go with an average ring and hope for the best. 

You can then take the ring to a jeweler to resize it if necessary.

Going with an average size ring is a good way of ensuring that the ring will fit without your partner knowing.

Put It on Your Finger

A great way to find out her engagement ring size without her knowing is to put it on your finger. This may sound strange, but it’s a common trick for jewelers.

Find a ring you know she likes, and then try it on your finger. 

You’ll know she’ll need a larger size if it’s too small. If it’s too big, you’ll know she’ll need a smaller size.

This is easy to get an accurate measurement without asking her directly.

Ask Her

Of course, the simplest way to find out her engagement ring size is to ask her directly.

This may seem risky, but it’s quite common for couples to discuss engagement rings before the proposal. 

If you’re worried about spoiling the surprise, you could always wait until you’re ready to pop the question and ask her what size ring she wears.

This way, you’ll know that you’re getting the right size without resorting to any sneaky tactics.

Asking directly is the easiest way to find your partner’s ring size, but it requires some timing.

If you want to keep the element of surprise, you can wait until you’re ready to propose and then ask her what size ring she wears.

Gift Her a Cheap Ring That You Found

A foolproof way to find her engagement ring size without her knowing is to gift her a cheap ring that you “found.”

This can be an old ring or one you picked up at a garage sale or thrift store.

Once she’s wearing it, casually ask how it feels and if it’s comfortable. You’ll have your answer if she says it’s a little loose or tight. 

Just make sure to choose a ring that’s close in size to the one you eventually want to propose.

Ask Your Girlfriend to Help You Size a Ring for Someone Else

Asking your girlfriend to help you size a ring for someone else is a great way to determine her engagement ring size discreetly.

This way, she won’t suspect anything, and you’ll be able to get an accurate measurement. 

Here’s how to do it: first, find a ring that she can try on. It can be one of her rings or a piece of jewelry that belongs to a friend or family member.

Next, have her put the ring on her finger and mark where it falls on the mandrel (the tool used to measure ring sizes). 

Finally, take the mandrel to a jeweler, and they’ll be able to tell you the size of the ring.

With this information, you’ll be able to choose the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend.

Compare Hands

Effective Ways to Secretly Find Out Your Partner's Ring Size

One way to find out her engagement ring size without her knowing is to compare hands.

This can be tricky, as you don’t want her to know that you’re checking out her hands, but it’s doable. 

Start by casually holding her hand in yours, then look at how your fingers compare. If hers are noticeably smaller, you can assume she’ll need a smaller ring size. 

Conversely, if her fingers are the same size or larger than yours, she’ll need a larger ring size.

Comparing hands is an easy way to get an idea of what size ring she’ll need without asking her directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ring Size Is the Average Woman?

Ring sizes can vary depending on the person’s hand size.

The average woman has a 6-ring while men wear an 8½, but this varies from individual to individual. 

If you’re having trouble guessing what fits your partner correctly, try starting with smaller bands for petite fingers or larger ones if they have thicker hands; then go up in steps until you find one that works.

Is a Size Eight Ring Big for a Woman?

Half of the women’s ring sizes are between 6 and 8, with seven being the most popular.

Rings in whole sizes are more popular than half sizes, ranging from tiny sizes 3 to 12.

How Firm Should an Engagement Ring Be?

Your finger’s base should be completely enclosed by the ring, with no indentations.

Push up from the bottom to check the fit; your ring finger should be able to fit between it.

How Do You Know if Your Engagement Ring Is Too Small?

The ring size may be too small if it is past the knuckle and does not easily slide to the bottom of your finger.

Another telltale sign is if you have trouble closing your hand comfortably while wearing the ring, and it causes your finger to turn purple or red.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve followed the steps above, you should have a good idea of her ring size without her knowing.

Remember to be discreet when measuring her finger, and don’t let her catch you. Engagement rings are a very personal purchase.

It is important to ensure you find the perfect ring for your fiance-to-be. The last thing you want is for her to be stuck with a ring that is too small or too big. 

Follow these tips on finding out her engagement ring size with her knowledge, and you’ll be sure to get it right.