Getting Our Wedding Video Back – Why So Long?

How long does it take to get your wedding video back?

I was doing some wedding videography related searches on Google this morning and I repeatedly came across a question being asked by newlyweds. The popular question was wondering about the length of time it takes to receive their wedding video. How long does it take to get your wedding video back? The typical turnaround time …

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Seriously, Why Do Wedding Videographers Cost So Much?

Why are wedding videographers so expensive?

I was wondering why there appears to be a general public perception that wedding videographers are very expensive. I did some research and discovered there is a lot of misinformation out there. I figured, let’s try to set the record straight and answer the question in a way that is informative and helpful to engaged …

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Is a Wedding Video Really Worth It? (Or Not!)

Is a Wedding Video Worth It?

Adding together the costs to rent a venue, hire a caterer, buy flowers, and purchase rings, it’s no surprise that the average wedding costs just under $34,000. Hiring a videographer to create your very own wedding video sounds lovely. But is this extra cost worth the investment? Is a wedding videographer worth it? Yes, a …

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