13 Best Wedding Videographers Podcasts (in 2020)


As a wedding filmmaker, I’ve personally learned so much from listening to many of the best wedding videographer podcasts. This collection of business and creativity-focused podcasts aimed towards wedding vendors are packed full of inspiration, advice, and educational tidbits. I’ll hazard a guess to say that if you are a wedding filmmaker, you’ve probably already …

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7 Steps To Book More Wedding Video Clients (in 2020)

How to book more wedding video clients

Being a part of the wedding industry, especially as a wedding videographer, can be a fantastic experience. With the wedding industry being as big as it is, wedding videographers need to excel at figuring how to get more wedding video clients. They need to make themselves stand out as the best possible option for any …

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Do Wedding Videographers Need Insurance?

wedding videographer insurance

It can take years to build a successful wedding videography brand. Then overnight, one single misfortune could jeopardize all that hard work and leave the business reputation in tatters. Having the right insurance in place can help protect against financial loss when things go wrong. This layer of wedding videographer insurance protection offers peace of …

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So You Want To Be a Full-Time Wedding Videographer?

One of the most challenging decisions any budding videographer can make is deciding how, when, and whether or not they should try to make a full-time living from filming weddings. Assuming you have a passion for wedding videography and you really want to learn how to become a wedding videographer, the next thing to decide …

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What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer (Top Picks)

Deciding what to wear as a wedding photographer was a bigger decision than I first imagined. The key to an appropriate wedding vendor dress code is to strike a balance between blending in and feeling comfortable all while looking professional at the same time. I’ve spent some time researching what a photographer should wear to …

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Wedding Films & Music Copyright (A Good Workaround)

can I use copyrighted music in a wedding video?

For many couples (and videographers), a big question that often arises is can they legally use copyrighted music for their wedding video? I’ve done some research into this and I discovered some interesting facts about Wedding Video Music Licensing that I’ll share below. Can I use copyrighted music for wedding video? No, you cannot use …

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Getting Our Wedding Video Back – Why So Long?

How long does it take to get your wedding video back?

I was doing some wedding videography related searches on Google this morning and I repeatedly came across a question being asked by newlyweds. The popular question was wondering about the length of time it takes to receive their wedding video. How long does it take to get your wedding video back? The typical turnaround time …

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How Much Can You Charge For Wedding Video?

What should I charge for wedding videography?

I’m not entirely sure why, but this is a topic that causes confusion, controversy, and often a hint of procrastination. This is especially so if you’re only starting out in the wedding video business. Don’t fear, I’ll share with you some thoughts I’ve had regarding pricing models for event videography. If you’re wondering how much …

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Seriously, Why Do Wedding Videographers Cost So Much?

Why are wedding videographers so expensive?

I was wondering why there appears to be a general public perception that wedding videographers are very expensive. I did some research and discovered there is a lot of misinformation out there. I figured, let’s try to set the record straight and answer the question in a way that is informative and helpful to engaged …

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